Thursday, March 27, 2008


Awesome...won my seat to the TOC last night by winning the Mookie. Got most of my chips by almost tripling up with QQ v. AK & AK. Got to the final table in 2nd place and almost immediately lost half my chips when AK < KJ all in pre. super. kept my cool and was able to pick up quite a few chips without any showdowns. Ugh, it was late and without the hand history in front of me i don't remember too many specifics about the knockouts.

But, the heads up battle with Riggstad was ridiculous. No idea how many hands were played, but I'm guessing it was over 100. We went back and forth and I eventually wore him down. Picked up quite a few chips on some shoves over his raises with AK, 99 and then the last hand he shoved A6o and I called with JJ, flopped a set, he turned a guttie and luckily, I held. Game over.

Great game Riggs. happy to get this TOC seat out of the way.

Thanks to Lucko and LJ for the rail :) much appreciated. and to Astin for his Nostradamus like vision of my win. ;-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

new home

well, the new home is bought and all the options are picked out. I really need to start playing more to boost the bankroll before we go to settlement some time in July or August. The house is friggin sweet although we did go a little overboard with all the options we added. the deal the builder was running was pretty amazing, so we used the max $50,000 free on structural options. 9 ft basement ceilings, 9 ft first floor ceilings, an additional 4 ft bumpout on our kitchen and breakfast area, cathedral ceilings, 14x12 trex deck off the kitchen, stone facade on the front of the home, fireplace, walkout name it, we got it. we then spent an additional $34,000 or so in non-structural options. cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, electrical, etc. I can't wait to see it. it's going to be amazing. anyone that's seen where we currently live will understand how big a change this is for us.

here's the house and basically what it will look like from the outside.because of all the options, I don't have any pictures of the inside. cherry hardwood floors from the foyer through to the back of the house, kitchen and breakfast area. carpeting everywhere else. 2 car garage...

i'll update with construction pictures after it gets under way. I don't think they've even started digging yet, but once they do, it should only be 4-5 months.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

blogger aussie millions tourneys

played my first one last night and finished itm around 15th or something like that. was rolling along pretty well in the first two hours and then just went card dead as usual for the last hour. also had two or three big hands that never got paid off. sucks when you can pick up AA twice and KK once and only win the blinds. better luck next time.

new adventure

picked up a new hobby this week. i'm going to start taking some jiu-jitsu and karate classes. starting out with a 6 week program to see how i like it. it's a really good workout (cardio and core muscles). in my first class i quickly realized i'm wayyyy behind where i should be when it comes to leg strength and flexibility. luckily, i'm already in the gym 3 days a week and can easily take care of both of those things. should be fun. got my first jiu-jitsu and adult sparring class tonight.

gl me. hopefully no injuries.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

i'm back...

switched it up lately and have been playing mostly $100 6 max PLO on full tilt. i was running/playing really well for a week and pushed $700 up to ~$2100. and then i started my "how often can I lose with top set v. gutties and naked flush draws" experiment. that experiment basically saw me lose about $600 of that money. Super!

been mixing in a bunch of HORSE, PLO tournies too and doing okay in those.

also just bought a new toy. will review it next week after i've had time to play with it. don't buy a Mio C220. crappy layout and navigation.

Monday, June 19, 2006

solid weekend...

With Melissa headed down to Florida for Friday and Saturday night, my plan was pretty simple.
  1. Mow the lawn
  2. get some cd cases so I could consolidate my dvd/cd collections and get rid of two book shelves full of them
  3. pick up my wedding ring from the city
  4. put up a shelf in the closet
  5. drink some drinks on Friday night while...
  6. Playing lots of poker...and
  7. win lots of money playing poker
started out with some small stuff and then ventured into the $11Rebuy $55k guaranteed...couldn't get much going there and with the help of the alcohol probably, I decided to enter the $109+Rebuys ... what the hell am I thinking here? :-) I started looking up all my competition's stats on pokerdb and just about everyone i was sitting with had over $50k in winnings...great! Then...woopdeefreakindoooo...I get moved two to Rizen's left. Nice, tourney just got a lot easier ;-) I actually took down the only two pots I played against him. One time with air (probably better air than his judging by how aggressive I hear he is) and one time with bottom pair of deuces and he didn't want to see any more cards. Snaked my way through all these juggernauts to end up here...

Saturday was the day from HELL! took bad beat after bad beat all day long and blew through several hundred dollars. No lie, I took PP against smaller PP and lost at least 5 times to 4 card flushes. just disgusting stuff. I would have my revenge though...

Sunday started out like Saturday when I busted out of my first tourney of the day with AA v. 22....yup, another 4 card flush. OMG, not again. luckily the day turned around and I won my entry to the $215. Only played a few tourneys on Sunday, the Stars $1,000,000 being one of them. I really would've liked to see some cards in this tourney. Here's the breakdown of the garbage I had to work with...

  • AA = 0
  • KK = 0
  • QQ = 1
  • JJ = 0
  • TT = 3
  • AKs = 0
  • AK = 0
  • AQ = 2
  • AJs = 1
  • AJ = 1
some smaller pp's obviously, but that was it for the 4 hours or so that I played. those are some disgusting hands. but I managed to small ball for close to two hours to work my stack up to around T7k. Made my way into the money along with Tdizz...and got chopped back down to around T9k when I pick up TT UTG...blinds are in the neighborhood of 300/600, so I feel like I have enough to make a standard raise. correct me if I'm wrong here. I bump it up to 1800 and the button puts me all in. I instacall at this point. can't fold TT in this spot...unlucky as he's got KK...

but the board brings 4 beautiful diamonds and I get a little revenge on the 4 flush board :D ... i get berated for a while about calling with TT there...Lucko comes to my defense (thanks Kev), I can't fold TT way no day. not after already making the money.

I'm able to weave my way into $800 worth of cash when the final hand comes up. folds around to me in the SB and I've got J8o...i just complete here and the BB makes some retarded raise of like 1.8 bb's or so. this guy has not gotten cute with anything that I've noticed. I call and the flop is 587 ... two spades I think. I lead out and he pushes instantly...I'm not really deep at this point and my read on him preflop was something like AT, maybe KQ something along those lines. certainly nothing better than 88 as he would've pushed harder preflop to win it right there. On this flop, I'm pretty damn sure I'm good. I call and he flips up he's got top pair and the OESD and I've got top pair better kicker...he turns a 6 and I don't catch a jack and I'm out. Great call...unlucky on the 11 outer. and I'm done here:

Good weekend for me...could've been better. Never settle...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm lazy...

damn, I am.

I even have some decent stuff to report that you guys all know about already. I won my first live Casino tourney. It was a pretty small win, but 1st is 1st. It was Friday June 9, the Trump Taj Mahal $80+20 limit 8/b tourney. I've played this tourney 3 times now. 1st, 4th and 5th so far. Yeah, I own this tourney. It's just a shame that it starts at 3:15pm and I have to take vacation time to get there for the start.

That was the start to a good weekend. hung out with some of the +1 crew (Phil-mackem, Kevin-lucko, Dave-dwal, Dawn-Raven)...a good time was had by all. Kevin destroyed the $2/5 NL game at the Trop and the Taj. Phil seemed to be up, not sure of a final tally and I don't know how Dawn finished up. Dave had a bad run of cards and finished down a little.

nothing exciting online lately ... more tomorrow

Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's Thursday ... :D

nothing exciting to report lately....Poker wise that is. Melissa is doing great after the Lasik surgery. the one week check-up went very well and they said everything is healing nicely. i'm guessing she'll be completely fine by the end of the weekend. amazing stuff.

on the poker front, we've run into some bad hands...lost a couple big pots at key points in tourneys. once to a runner runner bigger full house and once to a 4 card straight with AA losing to 33.

tonight should be fun as we have our first forum tourney in a looooooooooong time. those are always a good time. shame I have to pwn all ya'll.

big weekend coming up. fishing a bluefish tournament on saturday with my boss (if the weather holds up)...and then saturday night and sunday are atlantic city days...Sunday night, melis and I are meeting up with the snadlys and neccowafers at the Trop in AC. maybe dwal too?